Bible study is a discipline of the Christian life that God uses to grow his people into the image of Christ. Christians hunger for God’s word, they want to know it, they want to study it, they want to meditate on it (cf. Ps 119:97). Bible study (not mere Bible reading) is an essential aspect of the Christian life. Yet many Christians struggle to move beyond mere Bible ready into the deeper exercise of Bible study. In this post I want to introduce you to a helpful Bible study tool for moving to a deeper, more intentional method of study.

Several years ago I came upon a Bible study method called arcing. It is a method by which a student of the Bible can break down a passage of the Bible into propositions with the aim of understanding the logical relationships between the passages and tracing the argument of the passage. This method is particularly helpful in the epistles because the authors.

Bethlehem College & Seminary developed a website to teach and apply arcing. I found it quite helpful. There were videos and example that showed how to arc and a subscription option that allowed one to do their own arcs and save them.

Today the website,, has been developed into a robust study tool. They’ve added phrasing, a method of study that breaks down a passage into phrase so that the student can understand relationships within the passage, bracketing, and diagramming. There is an extensive reference library to help the student understand each method. Personally, I have found the phrasing module most helpful.

This website is well worth the consideration of any serious Bible student. With a subscription of just a few dollars a month, the value of the website exceeds many other Bible study options available today. The Bible is God’s revelation of himself. Christians must engage in vigorous Bible Study to learn about the Most High God. is a helpful resource in that endeavor.