Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this update. I’m sure you noticed that I did not send an update for October so this update will encompass the past two months. Needless to say, I have been busy.


I am so thankful for my wife, Rhoda Jane. She continues to be very matter-of-fact as we get settled into our routine. She works hard at keeping the home, homeschooling my oldest child, managing a good portion of our budget, and strategically feeding three growing children and a very picky husband.

This past weekend (Thanksgiving recess) was a marvelous break in my schedule, which afforded me time to take one of my daughters out on a date and spend much-needed time with my wife and the other two. I relaxed, did some leisure reading, played some video games, played with my children, and enjoyed stimulating conversations with Rhoda Jane.

I would consider us “settled in” for no other reason than we have ceased unpacking. We still have things in boxes, but that is because they do not merit unpacking. I’ve unpacked all the books I can, placing them in three bookcases in the dining room. We have neither the money nor the room to shelve more books. I am trying to sell the ones that I think I’ll never use. (If you’d like to peruse my Amazon Store Front, click here)


The last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November were consumed with working on a paper. Yes, I spent over 30 hours (est.) on one paper. And I’m still not satisfied with the result. The paper is for a writing class so what I had to turn in wasn’t the final draft. I’ll have until December 21 to finish that. My hope is that I can be generally satisfied with the end result, the grade notwithstanding.

Rhoda Jane and I have spoken about the long-term seminary plan. The original plan was to work at 8 credits a semester and be finished by May 2016. We’ve agreed that finishing sooner rather than later is best. Therefore, the plan has tentatively changed to working at 10 credits a semester, finishing by May 2015. Ten doesn’t seem that much different than eight, but that’s why I say “tentatively”. I still want to be flexible and make sure I don’t sacrifice too many of my other responsibilities.


God is growing in me a love for my local church. Week after week I increase in my knowledge of the members and continue to learn the specific mission my pastor sees our fellowship engaging in. Rhoda Jane and I are getting more involved as the days pass. I count it a privilege to be a member of this fellowship and serve under my pastor. I am trusting God will allow me to participate in his work here and glorify himself through my efforts.


Personal Updates will become fewer as I do not want to keep rehearsing the same content: seminary is busy, home life is a challenge, work is necessary, etc. I still post comments on Twitter and Facebook,  if you’d like to interact with me there. Oh, I am rejoicing in what God is doing in my life: teaching me, changing me, loving me. There are times of trial and challenge, joy and excitement, headache and stress, rest and peace. I trust the Lord will continue to teach me contentment in all of these circumstances.