Busy, busy, busy. That pretty much sums up our month. Below are a few tidbits that come to mind.

Another job

Last month God provided another part time position where I am able to add another 10 – 15 hours a week. The work is good because it is late in the evening and on weekends, and it provides me opportunities to work on my homework. The down side, of course, is time away from my family. With this position, the position at the book store, and other provisions that God has provided, I’m hoping that our financial needs will remain stable.

Work on the parsonage continues

We are still not quite settled into our home. Because the work on the kitchen continues we have not been able to get everything out of the dining room. For awhile, we were not even able to use the kitchen because there was no sink. Thankfully, that portion has been finished and now there only remains the back splash and electrical. The amenities of a dishwasher and disposal should be coming some time in the future too.

Classes going

Frequently, I’m asked how classes are going. Whether it’s chit-chat or genuine concern about “beginning” seminary students I do not know. But my response was consistent this month: “I’m settling in to my schedule and course work.” October brings several deadlines, which will begin to rob me of sleep. Alas, this is what will be over the next several years. I count it a grace of God, however, that I have had so much education to this point. I don’t see all of this work as a heavy load; it just is what it is and needs to be done.


We are settling in nicely with our new church family. Relationships are building. Opportunities to serve are plenteous. I look forward to serving God in this place. It will be good, tough ministry and I hope God will use me for his glory.

Prayer needs

As you think about us this month, please keep the following in mind:

  • I am hungry for the things of God. I want my relationship with him to abound. Please intercede for my prayer life, my devotional life, and my heart for what God loves.
  • Now that things (seminary, ministry, work, family) are in full swing, time with my family is limited. Please petition God for wise management of my time in relation to my responsibilities. Though I will not be spending the quantity of time with my family, next to my relationship with God, they are the most important of my priorities. I want to value them highly.
  • Finances will always be a concern for us. We are still adjusting to a new level of income. Please ask God, not just for wise stewardship of what he gives us, but for faith that he will provide for what we need. We know his promises, but it is always difficult to live in light of those promises when circumstances change.
  • To date we have no news about our apartment. I’m hoping to hear something this week, but I would appreciate God intervention here. We simply cannot afford another rent payment.

Thank you for your partnership in our lives. Grace and peace be multiplied to you.