Oh, the marvel of God in creation! This Sunday at Emmanuel Baptist Church we continue our study in Genesis with the subject of God, particularly his existence. Genesis 1 assumes the existence of God, but that is not surprising when one considers the culture of the Ancient Near East—everyone believed in the gods. Moses was declaring the majesty of the God of Creation. In today’s culture, however, belief in God (or even a god) is less common, at least the kind of belief that is more significant that, say, believing the earth is round. Therefore, part of our consideration this Sunday will the question of God’s existence. How do we know God exists? Can we demonstrate unequivocally that God exists Further, and perhaps closer to our hearts as Christians, we’ll consider several observations from Genesis 1 about God’s nature and essence.

For those who will join us this Sunday, let me encourage you to read Genesis 1:1–2:3, John 1:1–18; and Colossians 1:15–17. You may also find it helpful to meditate on the texts of the songs we’ll sing this week. Here they are (click the hyperlinks to hear audio of each selection):

Pray for God’s grace to abound to us on Sunday. May we glorify him through our sacrifices of praise.