God made man. Go ahead and read that again, but this time meditate on each word—God made man. God made man. Those words from Genesis 1 form the climax of the creation story. This Sunday we will chew on these words and others from Genesis 1:26–31 and the sixth day. Man is the pinnacle of God’s creation; he is the one in whom the image of God rests. This is not so that humanity can boast in his importance. Instead, this is cause of recognizing whom we image. It is God! And we are not put on this earth for our own pleasure but for God’s. In answering the question of why God made man, we’ll see the purpose for which each of us is still here. It is the same answer as when the Hebrews first heard it.

Pray that God would prepare your and other’s hearts for the worship of God and the preaching of the word. And join us if you’re in the area!

Here are the Scripture passages we’ll be reading this Sunday:

  • Psalm 119:137–144
  • Ephesians 4:17–24

Click on these links to listen to the songs we’ll be singing: